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discover the solution to your staffing problems

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are you frustrated with

  • High labour cost?

  • Stressful staff management?

  • Costly and time-consuming staffing process?

  • The inability to have work-life balance?

  • The lack of specialists and experts in your company?

Improper Task Delegation
Common reasons for undistributed tasks include too much monitoring, the guilt of increasing the employee's workload and the employee's capability to handle the task. Research shows effective delegation develops trust and confidence between parties.

Small staffing pool to choose from
Australia's limited staffing pool restrains the company's ability to hire specialists and experts, as most of Aussies are business owners. The small pool limits the companies to grow, expand and provide high-quality services to clients and consumers.

Standard Operating Procedures
The lack of Standard Operating Procedures in a company disallows proper and continuous information dissemination and communication, deteriorates the work consistency and quality, decreases work productivity and efficiency, and demotivates employees.

Cost Issues
The Australian companies face high-cost issues, such as high labour costs, expensive equipment and office space, and costly employee benefits like superannuation funds, leave, bonuses, turnover and insurance, which restrains them to scale and expand.

  • Find out how you can cut your staffing cost, but retain work productivity and efficiency.

  • Discover how you can have a work-life balance.

  • Learn the benefits of better staffing.

  • Explore the growth options for your business.

  • Know how to better manage your staff.

  • Discover the solutions for your business staffing challenges.

  • Define the appropriate staffing process and procedures for your business.

Discover the solution to your staffing problems

Novotel Brisbane

11 October
10:00 AM
01:00 PM

Novotel Melbourne
on Collins
12 October
10:00 AM
01:00 PM

Novotel Sydney Parramatta
15 October
10:00 AM
01:00 PM

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Darren is a staff performance expert and a seasoned software, media and gaming executive with many years of experience managing large remote teams in both Asia and Europe.

He is responsible for the daily operations of MVP and has been creating a high-performance culture across all divisions to deliver industry-leading solutions to our clients.


Dealing with Daniel, Joyce and the entire MVP Game Dev Team has been a Great Experience. Daniel uses many of his nights when he's not on the clock talking with me and helping to draw out ideas for my Game Development Project. You can tell he is Genuinely Invested and his Top Priority is My Companies Success!  
Joyce is constantly sending updates and revisions for my project, keeping things on schedule. The team has Amazing Ideas and they're very creative. We have weekly meetings and there is Tremendous Progress every time we meet.  
Finally, Having the CEO of the company Darren McVean hop on some calls, following up and making sure that I'm satisfied with how the project is moving forward, is reassuring and impressive. I really want to Thank MVP for a Top Notch experience.

-Raymon Pepito
Level Rayz LLC